A Mid Summer Norway Adventure

After several years of visiting alpine regions in the south of Europe this years Horizons Tour took us to the far north. Norway, known for its pure nature in combination with extraordinary local food, drinks and long days has kept its promise and treated the group of Stemme owners and enthusiasts well. With a total number of 22 participants from over 8 countries and 7 Stemme aircraft our major aim was to discover the beautiful landscape from above.


With a warm welcome and an amazing generosity from Tronrud Engineering the airport Honefoss (ENEG) has been our base for our daily tours. Along with the interplay of best weather conditions and early popping thermals we had the chance to fly the Norwegian mountain ranges and fjords and make this event a unique memory for all the participants.


Enjoy these wonderful images that captured the highlight moments of the Horizons Tour 2019.

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In regards to our latest service bulletin published in our service area and sent out via newsletter kindly follow the link for the official EASA EAD release:


For additional information please contact
Stemme After Sales Service
phone: +49 (3341) 3612-25
mail: service@stemme.de
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New Rotax SB for Engine Type 914 Series

Dear Stemme friends and owners,

we would like to inform you that Rotax released a new Service Bulletin on July 27th, (SB-914-055) with focus on replacement of circlip (carburetor) for ROTAX Engine Type 914 (Series).
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