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History of Stemme AG

In 1984, Dr Reiner Stemme founded the company Stemme GmbH & Co. KG in the Berlin district of Wedding in order to realize his vision of a unique aircraft: the aim was to combine the properties of powerful motorized propulsion with first-class gliding characteristics. As an engineer and passionate glider pilot, he set himself the target of creating an aircraft capable of long-distance soaring flights at the highest level – independent of towing vehicles, winches and the accompanying crews. His design of a retractable propeller, which remains unique even today, connected by a drive shaft to an engine mounted at the aircraft’s centre of gravity allowed his idea to become reality.


From 1985 up until the move to Strausberg, Stemme made use of the facilities at the German national aeronautics and space research centre (DLR) in Braunschweig to build the prototype. By 1986, the prototype of the S10 embarked on its maiden flight and one year later was unveiled to the public at the AERO trade show in Friedrichshafen. In 1990, type certification was finally granted and the first series-production version of the high-performance motor glider was ready for delivery. In the same year, Stemme changed its corporate form to a joint-stock company.


Since 1993, the company has had its headquarters at EDAY airfield in Strausberg near Berlin. Management of the operating business takes place at Strausberg, which is now also the main site for engineering and final assembly of the sports aircraft. Not only is the S10 built here but the S6 as well. The S6 had its maiden flight in November 2006 and received type approval from EASA two years later. In April 2015 Stemme presented the Twin Voyager S12 at the Aero exhibition in Friedrichshafen.


Bart Slager was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company as of August 28th, 2019. His focus will be on further strenghtening both the Remos and STemme brands as well as the transition and growth of Stemme AG in which the ECARYS division will play a defining role.


Die Stemme AG informiert über das Ausscheiden von Herrn Bart Slager zum Jahresende 2020 und drückt ihm ihre Anerkennung und ihren Dank für seinen immensen Beitrag sowie für die Transformation der Gesellschaft durch die erfolgreiche Implementierung eines Restrukturierungsplans zur Reduzierung der Gesamtkostenbasis, um Stemme noch wettbewerbsfähiger zu machen, aus.

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