Coronas tight grip on the world

Dear Stemme friends and customers,


Over the last few weeks we are being confronted with a challenge we have not experienced before. It is therefore that we are reaching out to you to share with you our business and operations strategy plan with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic that we have put into force so far.

Major concern to us is the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, and customers. We have at an early stage put in place hygienic protocols and social distancing measures within our offices as a countermeasure to avoid the transmission of the virus within our company. Any employee who has shown symptoms or have been possibly exposed have been asked to self-quarantine and/or tested. From an operational standpoint this may affect the speed by which we reply to parts enquiries and handle customer orders. So far we have not experienced major setbacks but we seek your understanding and ask for your patience during this difficult period. We will do our utmost to continue our business in support of you - our valued customers - with as little interruption as possible.


We will naturally continue to manufacture aircraft and to ship orders with all carriers who intend to continue their business as usual. Our dependence on our logistics partners however means that any disruption of the international supply chain will have obvious effects to our ability to continue to operate our business. We will provide updates on our website should we become impacted.

It is with much regret that we took notice of the cancellation of this year's AERO at Friedrichshafen. We felt obliged to cancel ourparticipation to international trade fairs and our Adventure Camp 2020. This decision was not taken light-heartedly, yet the health of all is of prime importance to us.

We are wishing for the wellbeing of our worldwide clientele in these unprecedented times and sincerely hope for a rapid return to normality.


Thank you, take care and be safe.


Bart Slager


Stemme AG

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