First S12 double delivery

A calm day was chosen for the transfer to the new owners. The process went without a hitch, and then the flight enthusiasts used the good weather for the ferry flight. They had the assistance of two experienced pilots from our partner Mountain Soaring in Austria. The two S12 flew in formation from Strausberg near Berlin to Landshut in Bavaria in around two and a half hours. Two of those hours passed in relaxed autopilot flying on top of an overcast cloud layer. On the following day they went gliding in the Alps in excellent weather conditions.


The Twin Voyager S12 could not have shown off its versatility more impressively, from long-distance tourer to high-performance glider. The fast and relaxed travel capability provided by the autopilot is one of the great strengths of the S12. With its combination of outstanding flight characteristics and remarkable gliding performance, the new Stemme aircraft leaves very little to be desired.


One of the two S12 went to a shared ownership group in France. The second is the first S12 registered in Britain.


We wish the new owners much enjoyment of their aircraft, and always happy landings!


Photos by MountainSoaring

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