Adventure Camp 2020

A Stemme Gathering




Dear Stemme Friends & Owners,


it has been more than a year now that we have announced Norway to be the location for our Horizons Tour 2019. To us it feels just like yesterday that we took off from Strausberg to discover the far north with its mountain ranges and fjords in our Stemme aircraft. Indeed, there are only a few more months until the next soaring season will start. What remains are the invaluable memories in our minds that will be forever existing and infinite as well as all the memorable images that stick well in our foto album.


Although the Horizons Tour itself has always been a wonderful experience for everybody, we have decided to present something new for 2020 that will be different from what we have done in the past but don’t expect it to be less successful.


We would like to welcome you to our Stemme “Adventure Camp” 2020. To give you an overall picture right at the beginning this will not be about camping under wing at all, at least if you don’t decide to. We want you to have all the freedom from the very first beginning and decide for yourself where you want to stay and how you want to spend your nights.





Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban (LFMX) offers a variety of possibilities for accommodation besides its other treats regarding the airfield and its surrounding. We prepared a list of Hotels you may want to take into consideration for your stay:


La Bonne Etape (Château Arnoux)

L'Auberge des Galets (Peyruis)

La Magnanerie (Aubignosc)




Make sure you save the date from June 6th – June 13th as together with our long and trusted partner Mountain Soaring we will station a limited number of 4 – 5 Stemme aircraft down there.


We would like to invite you to join this occasion either with your own Stemme aircraft or as a participant without an aircraft.


General participation fee:


500,00 € net / person includes:

daily flight briefings, knowledge sharing within the Stemme community, organization of evening events and should the occasion arise also some key note speakers. Additionally, just in case and to be on the safe side we will have a service car with us (Spare parts & consumables not included).


Without an aircraft:


Participants without an aircraft will have the possibility to choose whether they would like to book one of the limited number of aircraft including a Mountain Soaring instructor or fly on an hourly basis in our demonstrator that comes with a Stemme demo pilot. All prices are listed below.


During your stay possibilities to fly with participating Stemme owners may arise. In this case no additional cost will have to be payed to Stemme AG. Kindly note that costs for arrival & departure, board & lodgings as well as landing fees, fuel & oil are not included in the participation fee.


Stemme Demonstrator


We will have our S12G Demonstrator with us to be available for short flights on an hourly basis for 330,00 € net / h with a limitation per person of 3 hours per day. We would like to give all participants without an aircraft an equal chance to fly.


The daily availability of the Stemme S12 will be clarified on the spot at location.


Mountain Soaring - Aircraft and Instructor Package:


7495,00 € gross from 6th – 13th June (incl. participation fee: 500,00 € net), 7 days Mountain Soaring, unlimited hours in a Stemme aircraft, 400 minutes engine time incl. transfer flights from Innsbruck – St. Auban – Innsbruck, instructor, and briefings.


A down payment of 50% will be required upfront. For any additional questions regarding the package please contact Mountain Soaring directly. (Contact details below).





Short Facts

Date / Location

June 6th - June 13th

Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban (LFMX)


  • Sa 06.06.20 - Su 07.06.20

Days of arrival


  • Mo 08.06.20 - Fr 12.06.20

Soaring the French Alps


  • Sa 13.06.2020


Participation Fee

500,00 € net incl.


  • Daily flight briefings
  • Knowledge sharing within the Stemme community
  • Organization of evening events
  • Key note speakers i.a.
  • Service Car




Optional Aircraft & Instructor

  • Stemme Demonstrator:

330,00 € net. / h (max. 3h/day)

Daily availability will be clarified on the spot on location.  


  • Mountain Soaring Aircraft & Instructor Package:

7495,00 € gross (max. 4 aircraft available)


50% Down payment upfront


Incl. 7 days Mountain Soaring, unlimited hours in a Stemme aircraft, 400 minutes engine time incl. transfer flights from Innsbruck – St. Auban – Innsbruck, instructor, and briefings (Participation fee already included).  


  • Arrival and departure
  • Board & lodgings
  • Cost for spare parts & consumables
  • Airport fees







Thilo Harsdorf
Marketing & Communications














Markus Lewandowski
General Manager