Stemme AG is participating in the accident investigation upon request of the Dominican Republic authorities. Stemme AG will fully cooperate with the authorities and provide expertise where and when required.


Under the circumstances and in line with the applicable rules in accident investigations, Stemme AG will publish no details about the accident or its investigation. We respect the prerogative of the authorities when it comes to handling the accident and its investigation.


We may insist upon respect for the deceased and their families and request everyone in the Stemme community to refrain from any form of speculation.




We mourn the loss of a valued customer.


Stemme received the sad message that in the afternoon of August 19, 2018, Stemme pilot Dr. Douglas Bournigal and a passenger died in a crash near Joaquín Balaguer international airport in the Dominican Republic.


The relevant airworthiness authorities are investigating the incident. Their report will determine the cause of the accident.


We mourn the loss of a valued customer and dear Stemme friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of both deceased in these moments.